About Me

Expert full-stack web developer

I’ve been building and maintaining complex, mission-critical web applications for over 10 years. Lead and deployed projects in every aspect of the development stack including:

Product Focused developer

I am passionate about creating quality, user-friendly, secure, and scalability applications. I strive to build easy to understand user-interfaces. I always follow best practices for security and maintainability. The applications I build are designed with continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) in mind, focusing on 0 downtime where possible. I build applications using Test Driven Development (TDD) in order to insure reliable releases.

Agile software developer

I am accustomed to working with both managers and customers by gathering and analyzing business requirements, translating requirements into technical solutions, implementing design, testing and evaluating usage.

Team Leader

I work well with teams of all sizes and backgrounds. I have well-developed skills in prioritizing, organizing, decision making, time management, and communication.